WeDo Challenge 2 – 8th December

Okay we started nice and simply last time so let’s move up a level of building challenge. You need to build a robot that can drive down a 3m course as fast as possible. Ok? Oh but you aren’t allowed wheels. And cogs count as wheels. In fact any circular part of the robot touching the floor is illegal. You need to be thinking of a different way of moving….as fast as possible. screen-shot-2016-11-02-at-10-53-35

That is the first part and there are some base builds on the WeDo app that should help guide your thoughts, try them and add to make them better. We will then test your robots on different terrain. Can they climb a slope (with carpet on)? Can they clear an obstacle course with uneven ground (pencils stuck to the track)? In fact on the day you may well be given an extension challenge to quickly adapt your robots to a terrain that you hadn’t even thought of…make sure you bring your kit with you.

Rule of this challenge, only one motor allowed.

Good luck and see you on 8th December.

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