VEX Leagues

New Year, New Format!

IMG_2010 2As always at I2L we ensure that we run events and initiatives that fit with how schools function. Although popular, our previous league set up with various fixtures was becoming too difficult for teams to compete in due to time and resource pressures. So this year we have put all of the suggestions in the pot and come up with day events. There are over 30 IQ and EDR kits now being used in schools across the Tees Valley and our day events are an opportunity for a group of pupils to come to the centre and really focus on building, adapting and programming their robots in a supportive but potentially competitive environment. The last event on 26th September was attended by six schools who used the day to either ‘open the box’ and start building or develop the use of what they they had created in their STEM club time already.

We now have the competition arenas and official game pieces for this year’s VEX IQ international competition and our upcoming event on 7th December will be the first opportunity for many of our teams to try them out. For the more advanced VEX EDR teams, we have the only official VEX arena in the NE, again with this year’s game pieces available.

Due to external funding from the Cleveland Scientific Institute we are able to run these days at no cost to schools. However, we are also able to host a regional qualifier for both EDR and IQ on 17th January. VEX charge £125 for a year registration and this includes competition entry and packs of materials for the pupils; Many of our IQ teams have already suggested they are interested in this opportunity but there is no compulsion to enter for anyone, we would rather the kits were at least being used for their key purpose of inspiring the pupils in STEM and engineering. Anyone is welcome and will have the opportunity to be involved on the day even if they are not officially competing.

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