Tales of the Tees 2018

Good morning, good morning, good morning!

What extraordinary times we live in. Glorious (almost) weather for weeks, England in a world cup semi final and the Tees Valley poised for some major new industries to invest billions of pounds in the area. What could possibly be better?

People are probably fed up of my cheery optimism at every event this year, talking up all the fantastic opportunities that are starting to emerge through the work of Tees Valley Combined Authority and the South Tees Development Corporation but really they are the tip of the iceberg. The day to day work by each local authority area is just as important and something we really should celebrate more.

Nowhere else in the UK has the same investment and growth potential as the Tees Valley over the next ten years and more.

So let’s celebrate and hear your voice:

So there is your challenge.

Respond however you want but here are some suggestions:

a letter to the Mayor to persuade him why we should have a festival and what it looks like (use those writing skills you’ve been developing all year!)

a presentation outlining where events could take place and what they would look like

a model of one or more of the exhibits

a mocked up website that showcases what the exhibition might have

Please do your research and I would suggest you work carefully in teams.

Plan what you want to achieve by the end of the day and assign key roles to ensure each part is completed. Many projects like this have a job list that each team members puts their name against so when they finish their part they can look to see who else needs support. It is worth having that written out near your team at all times.

Below I have copied the link to the GetNorth website so you will see the sort of things that are going on over the Summer in Newcastle and Gateshead (well worth a visit if you haven’t been already). As well as links to some of our local ‘visit’ sites. But you will know more. Strong links to our history, famous people and our heritage are very important.

Think about what you want to showcase most and how you can package that in a way that will attract an audience. Why would a family from Leeds come to see your exhibition for a couple of days? Why would you get bus loads of retired people travelling from Manchester? Make your ideas focussed on an identified audience and build from there.









It seems that although many of you have told me that you are doing the challenge (some are taking a few days on it with the hectic nature of the end of term), very few have sent me any pictures to post. Luckily Mr D at Badger Hill has bucked that trend and here are some images of the models they designed:

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