Tales of the Tees

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There will be several live streams during the day to fit in with activities and venues.

Are you doing all day or just half an hour? #talestees

Please celebrate your pupils’ work by sending to:


You may not have been able to take part on Friday 14th but if you would like to use this video to stimulate your pupil’s thinking about the community that they live in and should be proud of, feel free to. If you want their work showcasing with everyone else’s please just send it to me. The feedback from the teachers today has been immense. From all different year groups they tell me that the pupils have been on task, excited to work and really proud of what they achieved.


And our first image of the day comes from one of our venues with the fabulous pupils from St Alphonsus who are visiting our local airport:


And the students at Unity City Academy are exploring why Middlesbrough exists:

Tales of the Tees – Session 1
Why does Middlesbrough exist?
Students researched how Middlesbrough has developed over the years and how it’s changed and grown.  They learnt about Henry Bolckow and John Vaughan who were the founders of Middlesbrough and In 1829 Middlesbrough only had 40 inhabitants..  The students researched Middlesbrough from 1808 and looked at the basic facilities people had. They discussed and wrote a diary about what life was like in Middlesbrough and debated how Teesside has changed. 

Chaloner Y1 have been discussing what they like about where they live:

challenge day_1

and Handale are one of the schools on a venue visit, currently at the Tees Barrage:


and some insight into how Normanby are approaching their work:

‘At Normanby, we have all gathered together to watch the video and had a detailed discussion about what are the Tees Valley covers and the landmarks that we have here. The children have come up with some good ideas about creating maps, time-lines and advertising posters – showing our area in the Past, Present and Future. Some children are linking this with the Ironstone Mining project we are doing at the moment. We have challenged the teams to come up with alternative names for the Tees Valley as their team name and they are busy researching and getting their ideas together.’

It appears that Lockwood are taking a look at the scientific aspects of the area:

and we have some pics to accompany the live link we just did with Handale at the Barrage:

Unity City Academy have really structured their day and following on from session 1 they are now doing session 2:

Tales of the Tees – Session 2

Middlesbrough and Teesside Heroes
This session students are discussing Middlesbrough heroes. Students had a debate on what make a good hero e.g.: resilience, manners, trust and bravery.  Also students discussed about showing empathy and how we should act towards other citizens. Students researched a particular hero from Middlesbrough or the Teesside area and created mind maps about their achievements. 
Some of the Y9s have been learning about local heroes and are planning to create a mural based on the fantastic places in the area. The hands are thank yous to local heroes.

So a rush of info just before lunch.

More pics from Portrack Marsh:

A first look at some of the work at the Arc being created by Unity City Academy:

And Lockwood are celebrating our maritime legacy with their shipbuilding work. Life size by the look of it!

Hillsview Academy are holding a Year 6 Transition Event for the Tales of the Tees. The students are creating Time Caspules of their choice to inform people about the Tees Valley.
Students have selected the following subjects:
World Wars affecting Middlesbrough
Middlesbrough Football CLub
Celebrities from Tees Valley
Ironstone Mines
to name but a few!!
Students are creating posters, leaflets, newspaper front covers, news reports and 3D Models to put into their capsules, they are also including information about themselves.
Prizes will be awarded next week:
Unity are on to Session 3:
Students produced a Mural Design using photographs or drawings of local landmarks that could be transferred onto a local wall.
Normanby have continued working hard all morning:

And some great engineering going on further up the school in Lockwood:

And we are still guessing what Y1 at Chaloner are creating. Any ideas?


Unity are now onto session 4: Problems in Middlesbrough

Students discussed about problems in the Middlesbrough area and how they can be resolved. Students discussed issues such as deprivation, urban regeneration, crime, heath, education and Investment opportunities.

Some schools have been quietly getting on and are starting to show what they have produced. This is from Green Gates in Redcar:

Dormanstown are working at the Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum and have clearly been learning lots about the area:

After a lot of hard work….

and we have finished.
The beach and the woods with Roseberry topping.
We’ve really enjoyed the day.
Thank you.
Chaloner Y1/R
And now more from Normanby both in the planning stages and what they produced:

Lockwood’s engineered Flying Engines clearly needed testing and one flew 10.7m!

And Unity students have been making their voices heard:

‘In pairs students shared ideas about the possible future for Middlesbrough.  From research from today students explained what their thought needs to happen in the area of Middlesbrough over the next 20 years.  They then wrote a letter to the Middlesbrough MP to explain their thoughts.’

And these are the images that I took at Hillsview Academy during my flying visit. What was clear was how proud the pupils actually were of their area, how much they wanted to contribute to the day and how pleased they were that they were being asked to be part of it. They were really inspirational to be honest:

Lots of media coming in from Chaloner from every year group. One teacher commented:

‘We only had an hour and a half this afternoon, to get our challenge complete, but here is our best effort in Year 1A! We made the sea, and a group effort of Guisborough Forest and Walkway, the beach, Guisborough town and Roseberry Topping.

Thanks for a fantastic, open-ended day. Definitely enjoyed the way this one worked!’

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Another year group:

And finally for now from Chaloner:

‘We focused our project on what made the Tees Valley great – steel.  We wrote poems about the making of steel and completed art work on the structures made by Teesside steel and the Teesside steel works themselves.  We thoroughly enjoyed the task.’

And a last few that were sent in from Hillsview late on Friday. The atmosphere in the room when I went in was so focussed, and the pupils were really working hard in their teams. I think we might get an extra image or two this week form their prize giving session.

And finally on Friday night we received some of the images from Preston Park showing the work that St Benedicts did. There are some fabulous resources there and it seems that the children made full use of them to show what life used to be like in this area.



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