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1st July 2014

10 classes from a range of schools on the morning of 1st July received an email from me containing this flyer (below). Nothing more. The evidence below chronicles what the children produced during the day. They ranged from Y3-6 and had varying levels of previous experience of using iPads. Some schools had only had them a couple of weeks, some had them as 1:1 devices for over a year. I spent the day visiting each class to share ideas and generally make the ephemeral nature of an online task a bit more concrete. We will be repeating the experience with a range of different types of task on regular occasions next year.


The task was designed to be open and accessible enough to allow the students to focus on the creative possibilities of the devices. Much of the work might be done ‘analogue’ but the devices can be used to record and catalogue what they have done if that is the case.

The live vid stream below will pop into action as Mr S arrives at various schools throughout the day (wifi and filtering permitting!):

First visit of the day: Southbank Primary and their Y5/6.

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Brief stop in St Marys where the KNEX was getting a hammering but also Toontastic:

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And now for Normanby Y5 LIVE:


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The slideshow reflects some of the activities that they have decided to undertake to complete the task.

And a quick trip now to the creative types at Rose Wood Academy:

Right! the work is slowly coming in so will be uploaded a bit at a time, here are some direct Youtube inserts courtesy of Grangetown Primary:

This one is created as a radio show in Garageband then exported into iMovie…

And to complete their day they decided to hack the BBC news site….busy then boys and girls eh?

And some of their images:

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And now a range of work from across the schools. What I quite like is that I have no idea which school has made which file in many of the cases so here is a montage:


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And these are the iMovie Trailers that I have received from most of the schools. They are mixed together so watch out for yours and learn from the work of others…


And finally a selection of other movies that different schools cerated in response to the task:

And some interesting videos from Acklam Whin. Spot the celebrities!

And an example of how Book Creator can be used for this sort of task: HERE

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