Scrapheap June 2018

The final one of the year!

And I can finally reveal what the stimulus was for their challenges all year:

The focus of these events are those skills and attitudes that produce brilliant team project work; skills and attitudes that will be vital to being effective in work and play for the rest of their lives. We talk it up a lot during the introduction and insist on a team planning strategy with identified tasks and team responsibilities before the challenge is even shown to them. We also give them an overall deadline but nothing in between, they have to manage it as a team. Feedback from the three years we have been running these has been phenomenal. I would wager that many companies would employ several of these pupils on the spot if you watched them working in the way that they are right now.

Here are some pics of the planning phase:

And an hour later:

Live presentations here at 2.10pm:

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