Scrapheap Summer 2016

And we are off….

Great to see 70 children from five schools here today focussing on teamwork, project management and creativity. They are the latest group to attempt our Scrapheap Challenge funded by Steel Enterprise UK. Dave from EDF Energy and Matt from Routes to Employment are here again to support the children in their work.

As ever, these types of events evolve over time and today was no exception. The teams were given a ‘planning and browsing time’ of twenty five minutes before they were let loose on the latest stash of recycled materials provided by Percy Scrapstore. All teams spent the time brainstorming ideas, prioritising what could be achieved and organising which team member would complete each task. The result is that when the buzzer told them they could start building, they hit the ground running. These are some of the images of the work currently being undertaken:

One quick juice break later (some didn’t want a break but we made them pause and reflect on their work!) and the industry has increased even further. It is great to see that although their ideas are evolving, every team, is sticking to their original plan. As I walk around the space (no pun intended) you can hear that the children are constantly asking each other where they are up to, how it will fit with the master plan, where the next resource is and so on. It is an excellent example of team work in action:

Live stream coming in a few minutes…..

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