Scrapheap success

Another day another Scrapheap Challenge! Yes we have now ben running these pretty much monthly for over a year now and the enthusiasm has only grown. Ormesby Primary, St Benedict’s, Whale Hill and Oakdene have all sent children to be challenged to respond to the challenge, plan as a team, design a product and build it in less than a school day. As ever the lovely people at Percy have provided a huge range of recycled materials for them to use as their build palette.

In many ways the actual challenge is irrelevant, it is the process that is important. The children are forced to work together, to form a team plan, systematically organising the build and subsequent presentation. It was noticeable today that creating the right conditions for that is paying off; discussions were intense, and disagreements occurred, but that is part of their intended learning process. These are the skills and experiences that employers continually tell us they want from their future workforce.

Below are some of the pictures from the day and as ever each team will present their work live to the web from about 2.10pm on this page.

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