Scrapheap Mark III

Inspire2Learn hosted Wheatlands Primary, Saltburn Primary and Ormesby Primary schools in the third running of the scrapheap challenge funded by Steel Enterprise UK. Working with loads of great materials supplied by Percy Scrapstore the children were challenged to create a Space Hotel and present their findings to a live web feed of other schools. As usual we had requested that local companies and organisations donate a body or two to ensure that the children were working with a range of expertise. This is also that key opportunity for children to develop their confidence at working with someone they don’t know for the first time. David from EDF and Linda from Durham Uni are veterans of previous events and were very keen to continue to be involved. They were joined by members of the Routes to Employment team who work closely on the vast majority of the events atet we run here at the centre.

We are always trying to improve the format of the day, make it more focussed on developing the employability skills that I have written about constantly on this blog in the past. For this challenge we introduced team workflows. This allowed the children to crete task lists and monitor who was doing what and when. It helped several teams to organise their work better and we will be developing this further next time round (June 15th).  We also built in a ‘Health and Safety’ audit just before lunchtime and the children really rose to this ensuring that work spaces were much clearer (and continued to be throughout the rest of the day).

After a huge lunch and a manic run around the field for 10minutes the children embarked  on the last stage of their work to create a model and develop a short presentation for their ideas about a new Space Hotel. The live presentations are at the bottom the page but as a taster I have included a montage of some of the work in progress. There is still work to be completed by one schools and I will add that as soon as I get it!

The live presentations…

And the handful of videos that couldn’t be done live…

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