Scrapheap Challenge May 2018

IMG_2291Yes two in a week! Brambles and Newcomen Primaries are here today and there are thousands of them! Y1 and Y3 from each school are taking on the scrapheap challenge. As always the focus is on team skills, effective listening and communication, creating a team work plan, presenting group ideas and these children have hit the ground running, brilliant. One teacher even pulled me to one side and said she had been a bit worried about one particular group just in terms of character clashes….they have come up with one of the most intricate designs I have ever seen on this challenge….and that took teamwork.

Here are some of the pics to get a flavour. Just look at these very young children choosing to write and annotate their diagrams rather than just draw pictures. Great stuff:

The pictures above focussed mainly on the planning stages of the process but as we head towards lunchtime and the opportunity to learn how to use a buffet appropriately(!) the actual models are beginning to take shape. What is also noticeable is how many children have stopped me to explain how their work was progressing as a team. “We made sure we had everyone’s idea included’, ‘we changed our idea because XXXX came up with something better’. They really are focussed on that aspect of their work and it is making the atmosphere in the room really productive.

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