Scrapheap Challenge May 2017

What an unusual week! After several last minute cancellations we were left with just one school for today’s Scrapheap Challenge, Layfield Primary from Yarm. Luckily the talented 22 from Y3-6 have more than made up for the reduced numbers and thrown themselves fully into the task. Mixing teams of boys and girls with different ages has also resulted in the children having to gel as teams in a way that they probably won’t have had to in the past. The result has been some amazing team dynamics with lots of discussion, shared planning and a common sense of purpose. The pictures below promise some really innovative designs and as ever there will be a live stream on here from about 2.15. The morning has been slightly disrupted by the press photographer who came to catalogue the support that we have received this year from UK Steel Enterprise who help to fund the events.

Percy Scrapstore has yet again delivered an amazing range of materials for the children to work with and they are definitely making good use. Dates for next year are now available for YOUR pupils to attend….

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