Scrapheap Challenge June 2017



The last Scrapheap of this academic year is probably the busiest. 122 children, a mix from Y2 to Y6 are creating some fantastic designs based on this year’s ‘Train of the Future’ challenge. Loosely based on Elon Musk’s ‘Hyperloop’ challenge each group this year has come up with a range of innovative designs that address the project aims. In a day, with no research it is unlikely that any would ever design groundbreaking solutions to world transport issues but what we have seen is the aesthetic and emotional response to what mass transport is and could be.

Just as importantly we have used the challenges to force children into developing team working skills. Learning to compromise, take roles and delegate tasks entirely as a team decision are not something that get to experience as much as they used to in schools and yet they are the exact skills that any employer wants alongside academic success. So at this early stage enjoy the pictures of how they have been planning and beginning to construct their masterpiece. As ever there will be a live feed here from about 2.10pm.

Sooooo much work going on and the children are absolutely on it making good use of the fantastic materials that Percy Scrapstore always brings us. Some of the images below also show the filming process.


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