Scrapheap Challenge January 2017

Another year another Scrapheap. We are really pleased to welcome Oakdene and Wheatlands Primary schools to the first of this year’s events. The usual evolved format applies with staff and children facing a challenge that they have no knowledge of before they walk through the door. The children are expected to design, build and present their work by the end of the day using the scrap materials that we source from Percy Scrapstore in Middlesbrough. As usual we get great support form industry to help guide the children and give them the experience of working with somebody outside of education. Adnan is an engineer and is returning for his second event and we are pleased to welcome Helen from Air Products who revealed in her introduction the children that one of the chemical engineering projects she works on is selling rocket fuel to NASA. The children grew an inch taller having the opportunity to meet her!

Their presentations will go live at about 2.15pm on this page but for now have a look at some of the work as it progressed…



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