Scrapheap Challenge February 2017

What a great start to the day! Pupils from Rift House Primary and Wheatlands Primary are the latest to take on our scrapheap challenge today. For regular readers this is a monthly event that pupils from 7 to 15 are invited to take part in at Inspire2Learn. The event is kindly supported by Foundation for Jobs Redcar and UKSE because the ‘design/create/present’ structure of the day is a fabulous opportunity to develop the skills that we repeatedly hear employers telling us that young people lack. As always we are helped by STEM ambassadors or member so free local business community. Today Adnan and Linda are supporting the children both physically but also by asking them to explain their thinking, solve issues in the project and work as a team. This adds a real layer of authenticity to the task which is further enhanced by the fact that the pupils are not in school, they are somewhere else. Overheard conversations already highlight the focus on the team planning and working skills such as compromise on ideas, division of labour and working within a timeframe.

As always there will be a live video feed here later today for the children to present their ideas. But for now…

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