Scrapheap Autumn 2016

A new year, a new challenge! There will be new challenges for the scrapheap throughout the year but the first one today is based around trains.

The children began their challenge at 9.30 and following a period of planning time they have been let loose on theimg_0434 materials to make their designs come to life. The teamwork ethic is a key element of each of these days and our updated planner ensures that the children have to identify roles and support each other as their project develops.

They have already learned that what they draw as a design and what is possible to make are not necessarily the same thing. The problem solving and creativity that this situation creates is one of the reasons that this activity really supports the development of wider skills.

The children will present their work live to the audience at Inspire2Learn and the web on this page at about 2.15pm today. Join us!

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