October scrapheap 2016

“This is the best place ever!” according to a very confused boy from Oakdene Primary who just asked me if this was some sort of ‘fun school’. He is here for today’s scrapheap challenge. Bit of a busy one day, 100 children from St Benedict’s, Chandlers Ridge, Ormesby and Oakdene all creating their trains of the future from materials supplied by Percy Scrapstore.

As ever there will be live presentations from most of the children around 2.10pm but Chandlers Ridge have taken an innovative project approach. We have just finished our Skype session with a class of children back at school who will create the presentations based on the designs that the project team here have devised. Their presentations will then be uploaded on this page by the end of the school day.

Below are some of the images from the fevered active so far this morning:

And its great to se that the children back at Chandler’s Ridge are going to send some fabulous work too:

Most groups are adding their final touches and beginning to work on their presentations. We will be live at about 2.10pm on the bottom of this page:

And the final push back in Chandler’ Ridge:

Oops, not sure what our internet just decided to stop working again! Luckily I think ahead so we filmed the rest of the videos and they have been added individually below:

And to complete the presentations the hard working team back at Chandler’s Ridge have sent in their work:

Videos to follow!

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