November 2018

Yes it is yet another set of pupils having an attempt at the scrapheap challenge in order to develop team skills and creative thinking. We have the fabulous St Benedicts, Oakdene and St Josephs with us today and the pupils have been working brilliantly. More than that, they have shown wonderful respect for other children and adults in the building, whilst not squashing their enthusiasm too much. As we head up to lunchtime I’ve included some of the images below of their work so far. You may notice a bit of a Pudsey theme creeping in but that is no bad thing!

What a fantastic day we have had. One of the teachers told me that one of the groups was made up of girls who unfortunately had a habit of arguing constantly in class. She said that the they hadn’t crossed words once during the day! We believe that developing teamwork skills is vital and this type of event is a good example of how to structure activities that focus on that key skill.

The models today really were finished beautifully. That is never the point of the day but you will see below that some even had demonstrable features. Well done to everyone.

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