June 2019

Over 1000 pupils have taken on this year’s Scrapheap Challenge and today we welcome the last 100 of them from Brambles and Thornaby C of E. And they have not let me down, with some fantastic creations emerging from the brilliant recycled materials that we receive from Percy Scrapstore. As always, the focus is on effective teamwork and that has been clear to see from the start with effective plans being drawn up and ow executed. Working in such a freeform team challenge, but essentially independently in terms of each child’s task attempts to mirror how teams work in the world of work. There is a plan, each person does their bit and supports others. Giving pupils the opportunity to apply things they have learned in school alongside the team skills and attitudes that will take them far in life is often hard to do in a normal school context. That is where events like Scrapheap Challenge have been such welcome additions to the local education. landscape. Our waiting list to even get on one of these events is over 600.

Their live presentations will be here from 1.50pm:

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