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Here it is, Challenge Day 5th November 2015. Please watch the video below:

If you want to inspire others you need to ensure that your message is presented in an inspirational way that grabs people’s attention.

Shareable link from Google Drive for anyone with restricted access to Youtube:

And the video embedded into WordPress:

Great start everyone, I already have some feedback from schools. Sacred Heart in Redcar let us know some of their thoughts:

Niamh said “I felt excited but tense waiting for the challenge to come through” 
Emma said ” I was a bit worried in case the challenge was something I would not enjoy or would be difficult but now I have seen it I am really excited”

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Word is, Grangetown Primary are a hive of activity:

And Years 3 and 6 are sharing ideas through researching inspirational people at Green Gates Primary:

And Normanby are hard at work on Explain Everything to organise their ideas:

Great to welcome Belmont to their first Challenge Day and they are busy organising and rehearsing their ideas:

I can’t wait to see the final product.

And Normanby have been reflecting on why this important to their education:

‘I love doing this type of work because it’s different and it makes you think about the work people do!’ – Will Gatiss
‘I like how we got to design and work in our own way’ – Rhys Johnson
‘I like the work because it is different from our normal timetable and it is also making us think about how people inspire us!’ – Millie Hand
‘I’m enjoying this challenge because we can present it how we want and it makes you think about all of the amazing people we have around us!’ – Jenna Keogh
Thanks to Grangetown Primary for these videos about inspiration from our local heroes, the fire service and the army:
And a big hello to the hard work going on at St Benedicts, final pictures of their artwork is on its way soon!

And here is the artwork:


Crikey, Sacred Heart are really on it with their work load. They have sent me some  more thoughts:

Maddison said ” The challenge is fun, its not work like lessons, it is building our team work skills”
Billie said ” We can be really creative and use each others best skills”
And images of what they are up to. I understand there are some videos on their way.

And some of the finished work is now coming in from Normanby. Tia, Reese, Millie, Laura and Phoebe tell us how they are inspired:

Leo has made a short movie:

More from St Benedicts with some digital work. Mr Townley tells me that:

The whole class agreed that they have a great time completing the challenge. We have learned a lot about team work and compromising – as well as about the people who inspire us.

november challenge – Green groupnovember challenge – purple groupNovember challenge – Red Group

Challenge day 5 11 15

A new book


And a fabulous inspirational trailer from Belmont Primary:

And the final uploads for the evening are from Badger Hill who used a range of software to express their fantastic ideas:

And last but not least, a compilation from the students at Sacred Heart in Redcar:

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