Human Challenge

October 22nd 2014

For some the challenge has begun already, students at Nurorda school in Astana have been working on the challenge since 9am – Astana time. Without giving anything away two of the students sent us a message…

Not long now until 9am local time for the UK….
And here it is:

The students in several schools are responding to the task in different ways:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Mr Stogdale is now back in his office…..however, he has to go to a meeting! I have collected lots of images from the schools I have been into and also received lots from the rest of you. They will be uploaded over the course of the evening so keep watching this space…..

Thank you all for your hard work and amazing feedback you have given me today.

First off we have Grangetown Primary who only had the morning to work on two projects, click on the links below to find out what they created.

And then we have a selection of videos from Astana:


And a beautifully written short essay by a Y7 student in Astana.

Our Lovely Earth

Hillsview Academy diversified their talents through stop motion and an ebook:

Book 1

KTS Academy always produce something really interesting. I have my invitation to their Glowon Party but can’t attend this time so I will have to make do with the brilliant video they have submitted below.

And it is clear to see that Normanby Primary are very welcoming to our intergalactic neighbours:

They also created Books in Book Creator to help explain their ideas. Some great work considering they had got their new iPads for the first time that morning!

Book 1    Book 2    Book 3    Book 4    Book 5    Book 6

Riverdale have made sure that the Glowons are aware of every aspect of of our school and home lives with a range of interviews and reconstructions:

And Wilton Primary created a whole new race of space beings through which to explain their ideas, the Bossitronians:

They also wrote letters, postcards and created comic strips to back up their ideas:

And last but certainly not least. Saltburn Year 1 class organised themselves completely on a huge range of tasks to show the Glowons why they should make friends with us. Firstly a compilation of their video work:

And a powerpoint presentation:


  1. Hillsview Academy

    Hello, we are taking on your task. Thank you for the information so far! We are going to get arty! From Hillsview Academy in Middlesbrough, England

  2. Fabulous, i’ll pop in soon

  3. We look forward to seeing what you have done Nurorda school. From the Year 6 pupils in Riverdale Primary Schoo,l Redcar.

  4. We have accepted your mission too and we have a range of models, videos and i motion projects happening in Year 6.

  5. Fabulous, I will try to pop in soon to see what you are up to…

  6. Hillsview Academy

    We are using clay to create our own animations and book creator to create our own comics!!!!

  7. Brilliant, I’ll bring an apron…

  8. We have accepted your mission and are all being very creative and arty!
    Y6, Breckon Hill, Middlesbrough

  9. Brilliant I hope to come and see what you are up to after lunch.

  10. Hillsview Academy

    Just had a visit from Mr Stockdale, we shared our ideas so far! A messy morning but hopefully we will complete the challenge in time!

  11. Year 5 and 6 at Wilton have created their own race of aliens who already live on planet earth and who are inviting the Glowons to join them!

  12. In year 1 we have made some books and posters.
    We have made some videos as well.
    We have made models for example hotels for the Glowons to stay in.
    We have made Glowons with playdough.
    We have been acting out how to play with each other.
    We have been making cards telling the Glowons how Saltburn is a lovely place.
    We have made up songs.
    We have made them a present.

    By the Year 1 children at Saltburn Primary

  13. Hi everyone! Greetings from Astana, the capital city of Kazakhstan!

  14. Hillsview Academy

    Hi Nurlan, we are from the North East of England. Is Astana a nice place to live? What is the weather like? We are making stop motion animation. What are you’s creating?

  15. Hillsview Academy

    HI we have nearly finish our projects we are wondering how all of you are doing

  16. We have finished and submitted. The children have really enjoyed themselves and have chosen a variety of ways to express their ideas. We feel that using iPads for apps like explanation everything, iMovie and iMotion was most successful overall.

  17. Hi guys! My students tried to make something in between the breaks, they are in the middle of their finals now. I hope they’ll be able to create their projects in time. My 7th graders are using iMovie mostly. Cheers!

  18. Hillsview Academy

    We have finished too! It has been a great experience and we will be much more prepared for the next session! Thank you for inviting us to get involved! We used book creator, stop motion and comic life apps.

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