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What an amazing day we have had, truly inspirational. Regardless of the actual focus of the events here we always start the day thinking about teamwork, what it looks like, how we can improve it and so on. That thread then runs throughout the day with special prizes being given to teams and individuals selected by the adults who have gone over and above what we expect as great teamwork. Today the decision couldn’t have been harder. There were no laggers today, children from Hummersea, Acklam Whin and Saltburn Primaries  went full throttle all day. I overheard one of the girls from Hummersea say to her team at break time, ‘We’ll have a quick drink but then we need to get back to work as soon as possible. But don’t drink too fast, you’ll get indigestion!’ When I stopped laughing I made a mental note to let her teacher know how well she was supporting her team.

It was a Locomaths day so the focus was maths with a real world ‘new railway’ context. What struck me today was how detailed they were in their plans and then how much time they put into their presentations. You will see below that it really was time well spent. I discussed with the whole group about effective presentation techniques, clear focus points, not reading a powerpoint and so on and they really took these on board. Listen to some of the really professional language they use. Not sure about bows at the end but the audience in the room enjoyed it! lol

One of the teachers took the time to tell me that her children had really enjoyed the day and she wanted to come a lot more. She has a fantastic group of children to work with but she mentioned how some of them aren’t always the most engaged at school but today they had come alive and been more animated then she had ever seen them. The research tells us that structuring events like this should have just such an effect and it is lovely to get some feedback that seems to confirm the impact that we think we are having.

But please watch the presentations, they are brilliant!

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