Scrapheap April 2017

We had a few extra children today with recent fires and floods creating havoc in our brilliant local schools and as a result the filmed presentations only represent some of the work that was done. However, all the children who took part today from Southbank, Handale and Pennyman worked really hard and really focussed on their team working skills. This is clearly evident in the video below.

Below are some of the pictures taken while the children were at work and some of the great models that were developed. The match between design planner and finished product is amazing considering the adaptations for the resources that they used. It is testament to the team approach that changes did not scupper the overall vision. We also couldn’t help including a picture of the fabulous lunch that the children get. It isn’t just for fun, it is important that when we treat these children as adults in the session, with expectations around teamwork and responsibility, we also treat them the same at lunchtime. It is about respect and we feel that the children really respond to that.

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