This page was created in 2014 but I know many schools all over the world are still using it with their students. If you do, please let us know and we would be happy to upload any of your work as well if you would like us to:

This page will showcase the work done today in response to the third challenge day task.

Our friends in Kazakhstan have been busy since 9am Astana time (3am UK time) and we will hopefully see some of their work in the next few hours. Meanwhile, here is the task:

I’d love to see your work by 3pm but I am VERY aware that this week most schools have gone Christmas crazy so you will have other commitments, hand it in as you get chance. If you do take pictures of your class/group working email them to me so we can see how everyone is getting on. Oh, and I may well drop in during the day! Good luck.

New Marske are on the ball straight away researching Healthy Cookie recipes:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And a short movie that shows their market research work (took advantage of parents being in school this morning for a concert):

They will be using their research to create healthy cookie recipes which will be baked tomorrow in school. It was also hilarious to find out that the reason for the teaching staff  all sat on one table making festive boxes was that they felt that they were getting in the way of the children. They had taken a decision to simply let the children organise themselves and simply respond when they were needed. It certainly didn’t slow down the children down. They had organised themselves into groups and following their research were busy designing their products. As I left I saw one group rehearsing their iMovie advert which they hope to have to me by tomorrow.

I managed to get to St Gabriel’s next and was delighted to see that Year 6 had taken advantage of a child who knew how to use Explain Everything to teach everyone else how to create planning boards and in many cases, product designs. The teacher was )and the Headteacher on the way in!) were both really enthusiastic about the task. I was told that the children were asked to organise themselves (but with some direction to include both genders and children from different tables) and that what I was seeing was entirely run by them. The staff were used as a resource as and when the children needed that little bit extra of support:

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I’ve been sent some tantalising pictures of some green screen work by Nurorda in Astana:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And they have used time lapse to good effect in this video:

Some of the boys have made a very tasty treat…after a few not so good efforts!

Grangetown Primary were unable to take part last week but some of the children were determined to have a go at the challenge and produced this:

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