Challenge Day October 2016

Good morning everyone!

Please watch the film below and respond accordingly. Ideally I would like to see work handed in by 3pm but FAR more importantly please send me pics, videos and comments while you are working throughout the day.

Brilliant, schools are now beginning to send in their ‘work in progress’ revealing their thought processes that will help them achieve their goal. A comment from Normanby Academy:

We have sorted ourselves into teams – making sure we have a range of skills in each team – artists, communicators, writers, designers, thinkers and good leaders.We have also given our teams names linked to scientists or science – Electrical Mystics, Mini Stein, Newton Juniors, Little Hawkins, the Stephen Hawkins designers and Einstein Juniors. 

These are some of the images they sent:

And they have even produced a short video to give us an insight into their thinking:

St Benedicts meanwhile have a film that their research has unearthed. It may help some other schools:

And here are the children project working:

Dormanstown look like a mini High Tech high:


Riverdale have set up a Showbie account and I will be receiving some work from them soon.

No sooner had I posted the last comment when a new influx of work began flooding in. Just time for a quick question: are these children learning? is it useful what they are doing? I mean, we can’t mark any of it at this point, we are basically just observing how they are working. So is it actually worthwhile? I’ll leave that question hanging in the air and maybe some of the children and teachers involved might like to send me some comments later today.

Now back to work before lunch!

Some of the Riverdale children researching and designing collaboratively to achieve their goal. And below, we have the first stage of checking if their ideas are any good. The Y5 Normanby children have delivered short presentations to the rest of the class to get some formative feedback on where to take it next.

Their teacher tells me, “Our final designs are well under way. We have researchers, note takers, planners and designers doing final drawings ready to add features, labels, materials and usps this afternoon.”

Joseph has sent me his film of work in progress:

Meanwhile at St Benedicts the work has been partly interrupted by Judo and French (at the same time???) but the highly motivated children have still got through enough research to inform some serious plans. Apparently “clay, PurpleMash, felt, paint and various other materials have been mentioned!!” Some sneaky pics of them at work below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And some great pics from the work being done at Zetland Academy:

And finally some of the work that has been shared from Riverdale via Showbie:

Final designs are now coming and there are some intriguing ideas from Riverdale:

Joseph has been emailing me with content on behalf of Y5 at Normanby all day and he has collated some of the images into some short movies:


The mind boggles after looking at some more pics from Riverdale!

And now a whole bundle of images from St Benedicts:

Some of the schools have had multiple classes working on this and I have just had another chunk of work from Riverdale:

And more work has been sent in overnight. This shows yet another class at Riverdale planning, designing and executing their work. Mrs Rathbone even learned a new skill, making modelling dough!

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