Challenge Day November 2017

Morning Everyone!

This challenge is real! The work that you do today will actually be fed into the development plan that will affect thousands of you for the next few decades. No pressure then! The main challenge is below:

Think about the possibilities from lots of angles:

  • What will be the new inventions of the future that we will lead on in this area (think renewables and recycling)?
  • What could the leisure options for workers be like?
  • Which other businesses could thrive with all the workers on the sites (restaurants/sports/food outlets), what will the workers need or really like just nearby?
  • How will transport make the area more easily connected? How can we make it nicer to travel on?

This site is one of the most desirable places for big businesses in the UK, that will bring a lot of jobs and opportunities to the area. Your voice will make a difference, don’t waste it by not having your say.

I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

For more ideas and see what has already been suggested you can visit the real masterplan website here:

There is an online consultation that you can add your ideas directly in to here if you register (make your teachers do it while you are working, then get your parents to do it tonight!). Your challenge day ideas will also be sent to the board.

For some ideas for teachers please look here: STDC challenge ideas

And the first images are coming in from schools…

Kader are making sure their planning is absolutely spot on. Great teamwork skills listening to others and compromising on ideas:

Considering there are at least 200 of you doing this in schools across the Tees Valley you are all being pretty shy today!

Kader have some work to submit:

I knew you were all busy but this is ridiculous. St Benedicts in Redcar can practically see the site of the proposed development from their windows so they are really getting to grips with the task and seeing some business opportunities. The teacher tells me,

‘Here are some photographs of the children at work, they really liked the idea of the on-site cafe/restaurant for workers and all other customer. The children are working on models, advertising,uniforms, menus, costing and futuristic robots to serve or take orders.’

All that space available…why didn’t I think of this below:

And now these:

And Normanby Pupils have continued their plans quietly under the radar:

And some lovely ideas from St Benedicts who sent their work with a beautifully written note:

‘Dear Mr Stogdale, 

We have really enjoyed your challenge and worked really well in teams to create plans for how work and recreation could be combined on the site. Here are some of the ideas that we came up with:

  • a drive-in movie theatre
  • a multi-sport centre powered by wind turbines (including a restaurant, football pitch, gym and swimming pool)
  • an ice-rink,
  • a multi-use centre including factories, football pitch, mini-golf, tennis court, go-kart track and swimming pool all powered by wind turbines and solar panels
  • factory units with solar panels – the site having a hospital and  football pitches
Thank you for organising such a good day. 
Mrs Haslam and 5c who composed the email!’
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