Challenge Day March 2017

Good morning everyone and welcome to yet another project based challenge. The video below will explain your task.

So now it is over to you. I will expect your completed projects by the end of the school day but FAR more importantly I would love to see images and comments from you or your teachers via email as the day progresses to show HOW you are working. The skills that you develop today are the skills that you will need in pretty much every job you will ever want to do in later life. Go for it!

Okaaaayyyyy! So what has the first few hours brought from our enterprising young project teams?

Well the teacher were certainly ready for anything at Riverdale:

And the children were keen to learn what the challenge was:


They have now begun to draw up team planners to co-ordiante their work:

And over at St Paulinus they tweeted to let us know they were brainstorming ideas:

screen-shot-2017-03-01-at-11-28-16 And just a few miles away at Highcliffe Primary the Y1 children have decided on groups and what the theme of each of our museums will be.  The children have worked in their groups to plan what they will look like ready to start building them after break!

And then back across the hill the Y5 at Normanby are all engaged and loving it according to their teacher:

Now more from Highcliffe, this time Y2:

It is great to see that every team has taken on board the importance of planning and understanding roles within the team. It is the bedrock of effective teamwork. But now to a school new to these Challenge Days, St Clare’s in Middlesbrough. Doesn’t seem to be holding them back at all though!

Riverdale are now fully into their design process:

And to add some variety (!) one of the Y5s at Normanby has sent a short video about space travel that is part of their overall design:

Keep up the good work everyone and let’s see what we can achieve together by the end of the day!

Final submission this side of lunch have come in and Riverdale have clearly got some marketing executives ensuring that their ideas will be sold well:


While Normanby have had debrief presentations with each team to ensure that they are all working effectively and identifying what will need to be done this afternoon:

Some of their work in progress is below:

And just to add some multimedia, it looks like one of the team has kindly created a ‘behind the scenes’ trailer on iMovie:

Some great, innovative ideas starting to pour in. St Paulinus are tweeting about what they are up to so that their parents get a great view of what is going on in the classroom. I love the idea pictured below that has carefully considered how you could make the museum as effective as possible in teaching visitors about the exhibits:


And videos too:

And as much as I love the digital creativity coming from most of the schools, you can’t beat some hands on creative work with real materials as a complement such as in Highcliffe Y2. It looks like one of our Scrapheap Challenge Days!

And just to show you can combine digital and materials, more from Riverdale:


The video below from Riverdale is fabulous. It shows some great work but what struck me most was that each team member is stickered up in terms of role and clearly contributed their task to the overall piece of work, well done:

And if you want enthusiasm….

And a whole range of trailer style videos from Normanby that give us a behind the scenes’ look at what has been going on:

St Paulinus have also been making good use of their iPads by the look of it:


I received a lovely email form the Assistant Headteacher at Highcliffe last night describing how engaged and empowered the children had been while working. And then I got some great feedback from another Highcliffe Y1 teacher:

We broke off into teams and planned what we were going to do.  Each team member was responsible for a zone in the museum.  The children commented on how they loved getting messy and making their own museum.   At the end children brought their museum together for the rest of the class and discussed what they had in their museum.  We had jet powered boots in the Space museum so that you could travel from one room to the next.  The Sea Creatures museum had an interactive floor which was sea themed.   

A great day had by all!

And a lovely set of additional photos from Riverdale showing the processes they went through:

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