Travelling in the Future

Good morning everyone.

Your task is simple and could be done by a 2 year old. However, today I am looking for quality work informed by knowledge, show me what you can do. Don’t just draw me a picture with some labels on it. I want you to do some research into the ideas that you will develop BEFORE you start designing your solution. I would also like to see some interesting ways to present your work, an advert, a song, an animation? Whatever you want.

Working as teams on this, each member of the team having a role, will make effective use of the time that you have. Two heads (or more) are better than one.

Keep me informed of your progress:

Quick off the blocks are Chandlers Ridge who are researching different modes of transport to inform their ideas:

But now coming in is evidence from Mr Townley’s class at St Benedicts’:

And just down the corridor…collaborative research.

“Beginning our research to develop a new way for us to make fuel to travel to school.”

And even further down the corridor:

“We have been busy finding new ways to power our vehicle. we also did some consumer research to see where the need was. We have decided to build new cars or buses.” You can join their padlet by clicking here.

Saltburn Primary have also been hard at work all morning:

And enjoy the wisdom of Paloma Faith talking about the energy crisis:

and various other sage thoughts from the same school:

and introducing the new ‘Sola’ for all the family to travel in:

cifa sola.png

Normanby Year 5 as always show their creativity on Challenge Days:

More news from Miss Fountain’s class at St Benedict’s, “We have spent the afternoon designing our new vehicle.  We’ve used Purple Mash to make a 3D version.  Now we’re busy planning an advert!”

And what a huge amount of fabulous work from Chandlers Ridge:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And who would like to buy one of these?

Finally there was some epic work undertaken by the Year 1s of Riverdale Primary. Creativity driven by research has produced some excellent and very plausible solutions.


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