Challenge 1

This challenge is very, very simple. We just want you to use your lego bricks and programming skills to move some stuff from one end of a course to another. The course will be 1m long, easy peasy. At each end of the course is a line, robots may be handled once they are outside the line….but not while they are on the course. Any handling on the course results in points being deducted. Once over the line though they can be turned round, adjusted, have new bits added or whatever you want.

So what are you moving? Simple. A pencil sharpener….oh and 5 pens….oh and a tennis ball….oh and an iPad mini. Not all at once of course…one…at…a…time as fast as you can. You can adapt your design so that you have multiple object holders or you can simply design something that can carry anything. Of course HOW it moves is entirely up to you, wheels, winch, cams….whatever is fastest and safest for your cargo.

Extension Challenge: What is the biggest/heaviest object you can move 1m using your robot? Please bring this with you.

Fixture on 20th October with teams of up to 4 children.

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