April 2019

It shouldn’t surprise me how popular the Scrapheap Challenge is. From the very first one where a teacher who had taken part literally stopped her car in front of my house so she could jump out and tell me what a great event it was!

Today we have brilliant pupils from Newcomen, St Benedict’s and St Clare’s. As usual the focus is on teamwork, making sure everyone has a key role, co-operating on tasks, making compromises and so on. We build this into every event here, clear articulation of those skills, attitudes and expectations and we rarely have any pupils disappoint. There will be prizes at the end of today for which team from each school worked most effectively. You can see below the level of engagement and focus that each team are showing.

It is easy for teams to lose focus on a long task with multiple mini tasks within it but it is great to see how the pupils rarely fall into this trap. I think some of this is due to the teamwork focus from the very beginning. Team members do not allow other team members to simply sit out, they actively try to engage everyone. In creakingly we are talking this up and pointing out its relationship to developing leadership skills. There are some more images of models followed by the presentations.

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