An Amazing Discovery

The task…..

Here are some close up images of the object.


And there is a Padlet running at KTS which can be accessed here. They have done a huge amount of work in the first 45 minutes!

This screenshot gives a flavour of how several schools used the pad let to share ideas quickly and easily:

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 15.39.28







a flying visit to the Victorian inspired minds of  Sacred Heart school in Redcar:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here are some of the documents that they produced:

1  2  3  4  5  6  7

And a compilation of their presentations that they filmed:

Then I made it to Riverdale to see the Y4 in action, creating short plays and animations. They and also built reconstructions of the robots that they felt the object and come from:


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Saltburn Primary had both Year 1 classes hard at work and they had responded to the task in a multitude of ways. The slideshow displays some of the information books that had been written (complete with Contents page!) and the diagrams they had created. All of the output had been decided upon by the children and the teachers told me that even the most disengaged writers were heading for the pencil pot:

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A flying visit to the technological meltdown that was Y5 in Errington revealed an amazing class of children who were patient and brilliantly creative problem solvers with the tech issues that they had on the day. They got a few things working though as you can see from the slideshow and their planning and writing was top notch:

And a lovely piece of writing from Miss Coates:

A Mysterious Object

Finally I made it to Breckon Hill where the children were full of the most detailed stories and explanations that I had heard all day. They had some problems transferring their creativity to written output but overall they told me that they had been thoroughly enthused by the day and ‘when is the next one?’

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New Marske Y6 were very much on the ball again:

As were the busy Y5 classes at Normanby Primary Academy:

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And on to the two Year 4 classes at Brambles Primary who came up with a huge range of different solutions to what the object might be:

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And finally a selection from across the schools of various videos submitted:

Well done everyone!

  1. “OMG Mrs Reilly this is the best day
    “Ohhhh do we have to go out to play ?”
    “Wish we could have this everyday.”
    Are just a few comments from Riverdale Primary

  2. Year 5 Normanby Primary School

    “This day is going great, hope it never ends!” Finley Bowen.
    “I’m really enjoying this challenge, I hope it happens again!” Alex Maynard.
    “Me and Lewis are really enjoying the task, it’s awesome!” Khopi and Lewis Clark.

  3. Georgia dormanstow primary academy

    Thank you Mr stogdale for this challenge day it is really good we are very intresdid in the object that you have sent us to investigate I really hope you can send us another challenge.

  4. Abigail dormanstown primary academy

    I absouloutly loved this calllange Mr.Stoggdale,and I do hope you give us another!

  5. Sacred Heart School, Redcar

    ‘Good day today. Really enjoying the task.’ Will Calvert
    ‘Really enjoying the day. Looking forward to the presentations’ Kacey-Jo Brignall
    ‘Really fun working as a team. Everyone has something to do.’ Hannah Thistlethwaite

  6. Mrs Hill - Assistant Headteacher

    Thank you for visiting us at Sacred Heart Mr Stogdale. We really enjoyed having the opportunity to share our ideas with you. Thanks for answering our questions! 🙂

  7. Mrs Wilson and Mrs Kerr

    Thank you for visiting us at Saltburn Primary School. We’ve had great fun trying to find out what the mysterious object is , where it’s from, what it is and what it’s made from. We’ve made books, models, pictures and videos.

    From Year 1

  8. I really like doing my story because it was really difficult but I enjoyed doing it.

  9. I thought it was very intriguing and challenging as a few weeks ago I wasn’t sure how to make a proper movie using Lego Movie Maker but now I now.

  10. Today was definitely an enjoyable challenge because we got to use Claymation, and we got to work as a team within a time limit.

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