Today the fantastic robot ‘league’ finished off our programme for schools for 2018/19 and what a year it has been. Approximately 10 000 pupils from Y1 – Y13 have engaged in hands on, curriculum and employer linked activities from the digital sector, through logistics and every sector you could care to imagine. It has been an absolute pleasure and it was fitting that our regular robot teams who have been coming for several years have ‘closed the show’. A visitor to the Centre popped in to the room where they are working and was brimming with enthusiasm when she came out, ‘I cannot believe what they are achieving in there, the atmosphere is just buzzing’. Yes, it has been for all of our 90+ events!

You can see from the images below the level of engagement, problem solving and resilience that these young people, from St Benedicts, Sacred Heart, Hartburn, St Josephs, Saltburn and Acklam Whin have shown not just today, not just at the events here but also in the school based clubs that back top this work. They have been using VEX robots for several years but are now moving to LEGOI Mindstorms EV3 machines to broaden their understanding.

Well done to them and their teachers, it is easy to see why the Tees Valley will find it so easy to develop as a Digital Hub. This lot are world beaters.

And thank you to Issy from Hartburn Primary who even made a short video about their VEX robot.

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