Teamwork focus

IMG_2241So what are the skills that show we are working well as a Team?

I don’t propose to answer that but the image here represents what our brilliant students from Rye Hills and St Paulinus thought at the outset today. Getting pupils to realise that exam results are one thing but getting through an interview, beating others into second place to get your dream job (or any job!) is more to do with the skills and attitudes that you bring to the table, not a piece of paper. By defining these skills and making the pupils aware, we create a framework on which the days we run her at Inspire2Learn operate. Today is designing and making boats to race at the end. The winning team can be self satisfied but the actual prizes will go to the teams that the teachers identify as most having embodied the criteria we set out for team work at the beginning of the day.

I don’t prescribe a list for any event, I always get it from the pupils themselves and they broadly all come up with the same list.

As you will see from the pics below, there has been some excellent team work in evidence and some of the boats have had a really iterative approach to their development following a input about variable control and testing during the morning session.

As I say to the pupils, ‘If you were the boss, would I really want to pay you money to be on my team with the way you are working today?’ In school teachers simply have to cope, cajole, support behaviours that aren’t focus on success. In the workplace you are simply asked to leave and not come back….if you even get in in the the first place.

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