Scrapheap Challenge December 2017


It never should surprise me but it always impresses me.

Y2/3/4 from Oakdene, Ormesby and Brambles Primaries have been hard at work on this year’s scrapheap challenge. As usual Percy the scrapstore in Middlesbrough have provided a wealth of high quality recycled materials and the pupils are creating some amazing models. The challenge continues to focus on sustainable energy and how they could adapt their school to be more energy efficient or even generate their own power. As usual the solutions have been varied and often completely out of the blue. But really, that is not the point, fantastic though they are. The point of the day is developing independent working skills as part of a collaborative team effort. Sharing ideas and finding a compromise on what to do. Assigning roles and even creating a job sheet with tasks that must be achieved within the time they have available are commonplace in any work based situation but in school much less so. These children have been thrown a task out of the blue, with team members randomly selected by staff and are expected to get on with it, and boy have they done that.

Watching their close interaction, paying attention to other children’s ideas, supporting each other with the build tasks, it is a real eye opener. It makes you wonder why we have so many employers telling us that school leavers, a good 10 years down the line of personal development for many of these children, have such poor team, communication or independent skills. You can see from the pictures above that given the context, an authentic situation that means something to them, there is no reluctance to write, to share ideas and to complete their work effectively. We’ll post their video presentations at about 2.30 where each group will present their work to the world.

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