As part of Tim’s inspirational day we contemplated those butterfly moments in schools.

Would you like to share your special and magical butterfly moments here?

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  1. G C Hopkins

    Our butterfly is Simple but effective: On a Friday the Head or Deputy gather together the class ‘Stars of the Week’ for a drink, Biscuit and a chat in the staffroom. The older children take responsiblity for the younger ones in collecting and returning them to their classrooms.
    The children look forward to their chat and tell us all sorts of things, children are choosen and nominated for the reward by their peers.

    This simple but effective method motivates the children to work well and behave well.

  2. Tim Brighouse

    I like this one. How about sending a card home through the post – the post i know is old fashioned but so much more special! – so the parents feel the warm glow too?? Tim

  3. Tim Brighouse

    This is a new Butterfly!!!
    The primary headteacher decided that teachers benefit from focused observation of others’ practice. the problem was that the cost of release and cover and the impact on children was for her school budget a barrier. So she earmarked eight Tuesdays in the year when she offered to take over the teaching of the class of a colleague. In succession then two colleagues took it in turn to visit another school and have a focused observation of another teacher’s day teaching. The two colleagues who obviously had to visit on different days then compared notes on what they had seen. They then reported back to a staff meeting on things they had learned and what they intended to try out. the primary head said that the practice enabled her to see diferent marking practice but also chnaged the debate in the staff meetings to a discussion of teaching and learning. Over 8 days she got four pairs of tecahers to visit and offered reciprocal opprtunities to the schools visited.

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